First impressions

I’ve only been here for 4 days, but it feels like solid week or 2, filled to the rim with new information, new friends, new places, new smells, new places, new everything. The constant business of the beehive that is called Madrid makes Antwerp look like a small village in comparison. 

Getting to know this city feels like making a new newspaper puzzle every minute: the moment you think you know the solution, the next question arises and you’re back at finding your way through a maze. The daydreamy feeling lessens every day and the realisation that I’m staying is slowly setting in. My room is coming together (pictures will follow soon!), my summer course is starting this Monday, my roommates are all very nice and I’m finally getting a sense of direction (although GoogleMaps stays my favourite app ever). Also nice: I received the results from my resits and I can proudly say I’m starting my 3rd year without any delays. I passed everything!

With only good things happening at the moment, it’s easy not to think about my family and friends that I left behind in Belgium and the Netherlands. And although I know that bouts of homesickness are bound to happen, it gets easier every day to put things into perspective: if my dad is the first one to visit me (which I think is a bit unlikely because my friends are amazing), there are only 29 days between visits. Not ideal but still quicker than I thought beforehand. In other words, I’ll survive 😉

So now I leave you with a slideshow of snapshots taken by yours truly the past few days. I only want to call out the beautiful bracelets you see on my and Javier’s wrists: a gift from Javier, to always have him with me and vice versa. The bracelets are engraved with the coordinates of the statues in the middle of Groenplaats, Antwerp (my bracelet) and Sol, Madrid (his bracelet). We’ll only have to look at our wrist to see where the other is: in the other city, and in our heart (I’m corny, let me be).


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