Unexpected lessons

As you already know by now, I am here in Madrid through the wonderful project that is called Erasmus+: it’s one of the greatest experiences in life. And as I already explained in the previous post, I almost didn’t come here because I was (needlessly, it turns out) scared of homesickness. But aside from learning how to deal with that, I also found out there certain things you can only come to understand by throwing yourself into the unknown for a longer stretch of time. (more…)



Homesickness. [mass noun] A feeling of longing for one’s home during a (longer) period of absence from it, making travelling difficult and leaving home almost impossible. There are as many kinds as there are people, but it’s a feeling everyone has experienced or will experience. It’s universal: añoranza, heimwee, nostalgia, le mal du pays, Heimweh. Every language has a name for it, independent of time and place. And it’s also an emotion I am particularly familiar with.