Questiontime (Q&A)

Usually I’m amazing *coughcough* at keeping up with my friends and family, whether they live just around the block or far away (like another country far away). It’s something I’m very used to after moving so often: some of my closest friends actually live the furthest away from me. Needless to say, I thought keeping in touch while in Madrid would be a breeze (nothing new!). However, it turns out that the Erasmuslife is, how do I say this, just a teeny tiny bit more hectic than my life in Belgium…

Here’s the deal: at home, I’ll get bored and look at my phone. Here, I wish I could be bored sometimes. There’s always someone to see, some place to go, something to do. Don’t get me wrong, that’s great! But it also makes it more difficult to actually respond to my friends and family’s messages. I believe I have never been as forgetful as I am now, as it can take me up to almost a week to remember someone texted me… (So sorry! 😦 ) So in order to save whatever dignity I have left, and to answer everyone’s messages at the same time, here is my attempt at a lifeupdate:

  • How are you?/How have you been?/How are you doing?
    • I’m good, doing well! Honestly, I love life here, it’s amazing. I have already learned and changed a lot and that’s a really nice feeling.
  • So… are you still homesick?
    • Is that even a question? Yes, but with ups and downs: generally speaking it’s always present but not necessarily in a bad way. I must admit that even though I like Madrid and my life here, by now I’m also looking forward to going home again. (Counting down the days…)
  • How is Madrid?/How do you like the city?
    • Madrid is a real beehive, buzzing all the time, and an incredible place to live. The people are nice and VERY social (starting conversations with strangers might be more normal than having conversations with people you only know a little). The architecture is grand and the history of the city still lives in every stone.
  • How are your roommates?
    • We’re a tight-knit group! We’re all really different, a weird and busy bunch, but somehow we make it work perfectly. Cleanliness in the apartment is still a project in the works but aside from that, not a cloud in sky. (If you want to know more, I also wrote about them before in this post.)
  • How is Javier?/How is your relationship with Javier?
    • We’re great. Still going strong and not a hair on our heads to think/believe otherwise. Madly in love and all that jazz. 😉
  • When do you get home?
    • I’m going home for a quick visit from 1-8 December, and then for the Christmas holidays on the 22nd.
  • Until when are you staying?
    • Home? Until the 9th of January.
    • Madrid? Around the 11th of February.
  • When are your exams?
    • They can be anywhere between the 30th of January and the 10th of February, but as far as I know they will fall around 1-2 Febuary
  • I miss you!
    • I miss you too! Really, I do. ❤
  • Do you go out a lot?
    • Yes. It’s Spain, what did you think? Though I still need to go to Kapital, the biggest club in Madrid (7 floors people, 7!) and some other spots on my list.
  • Do you learn a lot?
    • Yes! Though not necessarily during class, but isn’t it always like that?
  • How is your Spanish?/Do you speak a lot of Spanish?
    • Getting better every day! I speak Spanish with everyone except my roommates and I’ve become quite the social butterfly (shocker) so that’s actually a lot of Spanish. I don’t think I’ll be able to speak it without fault before February (ha ha ha…), but it’s become a lot more fluent. Imagine actual Spanish people speaking Spanish, but then a liiiiitle bit slower. Fun fact: depending on previous encounters, people think I’m either British, Dutch, French, or in the case of foreigners, from Madrid. Oh well, as long as the Spanish keep saying it’s mono¹ (*hairflip*).
  • How is the weather?
    • Great! You can all be very jealous (hehe) because up until the middle of November I could still go out without a jacket: 17°C and sunny. By now it’s about 10°C but still very nice and finally a bit more fall-like. I love it.
  • What does your room look like?
    • I know, I know! I’m sorry that the ’roompost’ never came. I changed up my room a bit recently, but here are some pics of its best state (taken around October 14th):


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

¹ The Spanish word for cute, charming.


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