New series: Update Time!

Hey hi hello!

It’s been a while, hasn’t it? By now, it must be clear to you, the other readers of this blog, their parents and friends, their pets, the neighbours next door, the people in the city half an hour away and everyone else (including myself) that yours truly is not the best at weekly posting a new blog. (TBH, apparently even monthly turns out to be a struggle.) So, what better way to remedy this than to… start a new blog post series!

Yeah. Hold your horses though, because this one will not have the intent of being a scheduled one. Let me explain: up to this point, all my posts have been themed, tied into one categorie or another. Although I love that format because it allows me to go into detail about a certain subject, it means less space for rambling or personal ideas. Cue “Update Time”, the series that leave room for exactly that. It will allow me to dump any and all thoughts and experiences on paper, keep those interested updated, and at the same time ensures that my thematic posts will only be about their proper subject. Oh, and did I mention that this series will not be every X time? Instead, it will depend on how busy I am and, let’s face it, whether I have something interesting to write about or not. Everyone happy!

In short, Update Time is a new series where I take all of you along for the ride that is my life. No promises about when the next post will be, but expect talk about things like my recent internship, the hell that is writing a thesis, going out with friends, life with 2 cats (and a boyfriend), and other things. I hope you’ll enjoy it all.

Oh, and before I forget: since I like to pretend to be a professional blogger, these series will even have their own (ugly) header. It’s a painting by Andreas Achenbach of a stormy sea. You can sea a proper picture of this amazing piece of art below (did you sea what I did there? Hehehe). I thought it was fitting, since my life so far has not been the calmest. And now, to end this post with another proper cliché: sharing is caring, please like, comment and subscribe! (Cringing as I’m writing this, but, oh well.)


Hugs and besitos,


XKH223171Andreas Achenbach – Schiffe im Sturm an der holländischen Küste



TLDR: life sucks and then you get back up

(aka long time no read 2.0)

Why hello there! Thought you’d never see a new blogpost appear on this website? Well, to be honest, for a while I thought the same! Life has its ways though, and I have found my way back to writing… It’s been a long time coming. (more…)

Not a goodbye

One second you’re stepping on a plane with shaking knees and teary eyes at the end of summer, and the next you’re already saying goodbye to your new home and family with those same teary eyes. I guess it’s true what they say: time flies, you’ll be back before you know it, and you don’t know what you have until it’s gone. My dear Madrid, although I am (not so secretly) terribly happy to return to my loving family, friends and boyfriend, I will miss you dearly. You’ve been my home for the past 5 months, and that leaves a mark.  (more…)

Once upon a time…

… There used to be an ambitious princess with an even more ambitious plan to write weekly blog posts while going on her Erasmus adventure. She made a good start, but it didn’t take long before she got distracted by all the mythical creatures and quests from Madrid: the glittery goat at the Royal Palace, the fat spiderman on Plaza Mayor, the heap of dwarfs and elfs and other entertainers on Sol, the roaring musicians and dragons in the metro of Madrid…  (more…)

Questiontime (Q&A)

Usually I’m amazing *coughcough* at keeping up with my friends and family, whether they live just around the block or far away (like another country far away). It’s something I’m very used to after moving so often: some of my closest friends actually live the furthest away from me. Needless to say, I thought keeping in touch while in Madrid would be a breeze (nothing new!). However, it turns out that the Erasmuslife is, how do I say this, just a teeny tiny bit more hectic than my life in Belgium… (more…)

STUDYing or ’StuDYING’?

For about a month and a half already I have been enjoying the Spanish educational system here in Madrid at Universidad Complutense de Madrid (UCM or Complu for the friends). It’s quite different from what I’m used to: more teaching hours per class with mandatory attendance, expected input and cooperation, grades based on weekly tasks and tests… And yet (not so unexpectedly,) I actually like it.  (more…)