Hi there, so nice you could make it! 😉

Welcome to this blog: Papel y Chanel. My name is Engelina Chaillet, and I use this space as my “writing safe space”. Although this blog started as a way to keep everyone on the homefront updated during my Erasmus in Madrid, it evolved into something much bigger. In other words, this is where I let my pen run free to talk about anything and everything it puts down on (digital) paper.

It is my hope you find something you like on here. Whether it’d be the story of the name Papel y Chanel, some unexpected lessons I learned on Erasmus, or a cliché “not a goodbye” letter to Madrid, if my experiences can help you in your personal life, my goal is accomplished. So please, enjoy, browse, read away, and leave a comment/send me a message to let me know what you think! 😀